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Amy is a frequent speaker on conflict, difficult conversations, and communication. Whether it’s a 30-minute keynote or a half-day program, she combines the latest management research with practical advice to inspire and inform audiences.


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Amy is conducting an intimate workshop with IVY members in Boston.

IVY Conflict Resolution Workshop
April 26 | 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Calderwood Pavilion



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Below are testimonials from clients who have worked with Amy.

Amy was a fantastic presenter. She helped us normalize conflict and gave us the frameworks and skills to address workplace disagreements in a productive way. Her advice around preparing for, handling, and following up on difficult conversations is both insightful and practical. My greatest take-away? Conflict isn’t the problem. It’s how you handle it that matters.
— Learning & Development Consultant at Leading Healthcare Organization
Your session was terrific and you certainly provided valuable information, insights, and tips that are very practical and doable. It armed the participants with the tools to increase their effectiveness and confidence.
— Christine Birnbaum, Financial Women's Association