Amy E. Gallo



Amy works as an executive coach with a select number of professionals each year. She brings her expertise in conflict, communication, and workplace dynamics to support her coaching clients to see the connections between their everyday decisions and interactions and the long-term outcomes they hope to achieve.


Why Work With Amy


Amy takes a tailored approach to help each person navigate complex work situations and build critical work relationships – with their leaders, peers, and direct reports. She pushes her clients to use self-awareness, empathy, emotional control, focus, and adaptability to make business and career decisions thoughtfully and strategically.

As a former management consultant and a contributing editor to Harvard Business Review, she has a deep understanding of the challenges that leaders face in running organizations, managing people, and fulfilling their own aspirations. She is particularly adept at helping leaders manage conflict and change in ways that promote innovation, collaboration, and engagement.


What ClIENTS Say

Amy has been an incredible partner and executive coach to work with. In every meeting together, she knew exactly what I needed – whether it was shifting my mindset, providing practical advice, lending a supportive ear, being the perfect sounding board, or having someone genuinely acknowledge and celebrate with me at key milestones. Given the deep expertise she brings in leadership, her real-world experience in business, and the genuine care she has for her clients, Amy is the full package. Having Amy ride alongside me has been one of the most important components to my being able to achieve my goals and vision set out for the year. I can’t recommend her enough to any executive looking for an external champion in helping to stay the course and fulfill your mission.
— Managing Partner, Consulting Firm
Amy is a thoughtful and active listener. She quickly recognizes people’s strengths and has an ability to ask tough questions, reframe complex situations, and get to the heart of the matter. She’s not afraid to give no-nonsense feedback based on her own experience and her knowledge of management research, while remaining entirely focused on what I needed to get done. Perhaps most importantly, she is so intuitive and was able to quickly dial into what I needed so we were able to get so much more done in our work together than I expected.
— Sales Leader, Online Media Company
Amy has helped me work through many difficult moments and decisions. No matter how complicated or ambiguous the situation, her pragmatic and generous approach to conflict and communication have helped me consider what may really be going on under the surface and think calmly about how best to respond. She’s made me a more empathetic and purposeful leader, more conscious of how every conversation can either contribute to or undermine what I hope to achieve in the long run.
— Senior Executive, Financial Services